Vox Media’s first ever daily explainer series for curious people who want to better understand a complex world. Hosted by Cleo Abram and featuring world class animations delivered on a daily basis, this series was produced entirely remotely during the 2020 pandemic.

Minority Report

Vice’s critically acclaimed series that explores communities of underrepresented people in unexpected places. The series has over 15 million views on youtube and has been featured in the New York Times, in New York Magazine, on NPR and Hot 97.

One star reviews

In today’s digital age, a review can make or break a business. VICE’s Taji Ameen offers the worst-rated businesses a chance at redemption. Will they beat expectations, or are the reviews right? One of the most beloved and top performing digital series in Vice history.

The Scarlet Letter Report

In this Facebook Original Series, host Amanda Knox sits down with famous women to discuss the deeply personal journey of being sexualized, scrutinized, and demonized by the media –– and how they’ve rebuilt their lives after their most personal details have been made public.

Past Work
Latchkey Films